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Bamenda Fashion Week 2016

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January 16, 2017

The Bamenda Fashion Week is granting an award to the best fashion blog among those which blogged about the event, during its official launch at the Congress Hall in Bamenda.The team nominated five blogs of good quality which featured the event prominently among their content. It should be noted that among these blogs are sponsors of the Bamenda Fashion Week. However, a blog’s status as a sponsor does not influence its ranking as the best blog.

Ranking is based on two factors:

Firstly, blogs are ranked based on online votes. Anybody with an email address can vote once every day. Ranking based on votes counts for 75% of the overall score.

Secondly, a jury ranks all five blogs by order of merit, the highest getting 25 points (worth 25%) and the lowest getting 5 points (worth 5%).

An addition of the score of online votes and the vote of the jury will determine which blog wins the trophy.

Live results of the online voting is available on the site, and the decision of the jury will be published a few hours before the announcement of the winner during the event.

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