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Bamenda Fashion Week 2016

Make-up Artists

We've selected our 5 makuep artists!

We'd be presenting our official makeup artists on our site shortly! We selected five of the best we could find, we can guarantee their class and quality!


Selection of Make-up artists is still ongoing. We will soon present our Models and Make-up Artists. Stay tuned!


Application Form: Interested Make-up Artists

What is your name?

How old are you?

What is your sex?

How tall are you?

What is your nationality?

In what city of the world do you currently live?

Have you ever partcipated in any competition(s) as a make-up artist?

Do you work with a fashion house?

If yes, state the name of your fashion house and if you are representing them

Have you ever made someone up for any major activity or event?

If yes, please describe your experience during this activity or event. State the name of the event, the institution or individual who organized the event and the role you played during the event.

Enter a link to a location where we can see pictures and/or videos of you or any of your works or products as a make-up artist. This can be a link to a social media profile or page (like Facebook or Instagram) or to a folder which is publicly accessible on the cloud (Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox, etc.):

Please enter your phone number

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